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Welding Positioners WSTT600, WSTT1000, WSTT3000

This range of welding turntables are designed for light to medium industrial applications and are ideal for producing circular welds & for fast positioning of the work piece.


As standard the WSTT600, WSTT1000 & WSTT3000 are supplied with a foot switch to stop & start the rotation. On the front panel there is a switch to select clockwise or anticlockwise rotation, a knob to control the speed & a high-low speed range switch for more accurate setting. The turntable can be positioned to any angle between horizontal & 90 degrees, a hand wheel which drives a worm gear is fitted at the rear to adjust this angle, a lock off device is fitted to prevent the table being accidentally moved or knocked off angle. The table is machined with 6 slots 90X12mm for mounting jigs or the chuck. The table is also scored every 30mm with a circle to assist in accurate setting up of the job. Under the table is a substantial brass bush arrangement for the welding earth return and we supply a 2M welding lead attached to this.

Choosing the correct product.
For general low precision light applications and where fast rotation is important the WSTT600 and WSTT1000 are ideal products.

For slow rotation applications such as TIG welding we recommend the WSTT1000 precision & the WSTT3000, they are fitted with a double reduction gearbox to enable work at slower speeds & higher torque, therefore the table speed will remain very stable even with a fluctuating load.

All models are protected from HF interference.

Technical Specifications                     WSTT600        WSTT1000     WSTT1000 Precision     WSTT3000
Input Voltage (please specify)          110V / 230V     110V / 230V       110V / 230V            110V / 230V
Max welding current                        350A @ 60%    450A @ 60%      450A @ 60%           450A @ 60%
Max load - table in the horizontal            60kg               100kg                 100kg                   300kg
Max load - turntable vertical position       25kg                50kg                   50kg                   150kg
Rotation speed                                0.5 - 12 rpm      0.2 - 15 rpm       0.1 - 5 rpm           0.1 - 2.5 rpm
Table diameter                                   310mm            345mm               345mm                 450mm
Dimensions                                      H:380mm         H:420mm            H:420mm             H:600mm
                                                     W:430mm        W:430mm           W:430mm            W:550mm
                                                     L:440mm          L:440mm            L:440mm              L:600mm

Remote socket for stop / start to interface with a robot, welding machine, etc
Control to give automatic start and stop of rotation with the welding current.
Foot pedal to give stop start of the rotation with variable speed control on the pedal and start of the power source as well if required.
Timer control (for pool delay or spot welds, etc) & an output to drive the power source, so only one control signal is needed to start the whole process.
Please enquire for further possibilities.

Fully automated systems also built please enquire for further possibilities.

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